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Community of women working to achieve economic empowerment through learning, sharing and mentorship.

We help women  advance their professional lives by providing  tips, trainings and advice that strengthen them on their journey to self-development.

Through career building, job search, entrepreneurship endeavours and talent discovery, our dream is to support the aspirations of women and empower them to make a difference in their societies.

Who We Are

The Moving Women Empowerment Network is a platform for African women and women of colour to share, network and thrive. We provide a space where women can be celebrated, supported and connect with others, to achieve their goals for present and future roles in societies.

What We Do

Build capacity

We provide trainings and workshops on various levels to enhance your capacity.

Mentor and Support

Your growth can be nurtured, get the opportunity to meet a mentor or coach.

Share and connect

Join us on our platforms and events to share, learn and connect with other women.


Ever thought about becoming a contributor or editor for a publication that empowers women? Why not join our team. We share knowledge that change lives and encourage women to keep building their career, businesses and communities.

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Moving Women Conference 2017

The Moving Women Empowerment Conference was held in Munich, Germany on 25th March 2017. The conference was originally planned to accommodate up to 100 women, but necessity and interest from the women saw it grew to almost double of the number expected to attend. The enthusiasm that brought the women is one shared also by many women around the world.